Electron Beam Irradiation and Its Application


Food safety incident occurred frequently world-wide in recent years, due to its easy to be contaminated by the pathogenic bacterium. As one of the most widely used irradiation in China, the γ ray plays an important role in food safety and quality control system, but it also may cause the problems of Radioactive contamination, nuclear leakage etc. Nowadays, the Electron beam irradiation, being a new green high-tech, has been paid more attention recently in the food quality and safety control field.

Electron Beam Irradiation.png

The electron beam technology utilizes accelerator generating low or high energy electron ray to irradiate the food surface, which may effectively control and kill the pathogenic bacterium. This kind of electron wave may reach the deepest of 50-150μm of food surface, kill the bacteria adhesive on, without changing the nutritional ingredients inside of the food inner structure.


The advantages of the Electron Beam Irradiation:


1, The Electron Beam Irradiation don't need the radiation source, and the continuous online operation can be realized. Furthermore, it also has the characteristic of adjusting the electronic power size.


2, The utilization rate of electron beam irradiation can reach to 60%, while traditional Co60 ray irradiation just can reach to 20%, so the electron accelerator can deal with big amount of food sterization efficiently.


3, A single electron accelerator output power can be several KW, or the bigger one 200KW. However, the output power of a large scale of 1 million Curie Co60 irradiation source is just 15KW.


4, Compare with γ ray irradiation, the odor from food in high fat and protein is fewer after being irradiated by electron beam.


5, The electron beam irradiation can generate high dose of irradiation in few times, and more concentrated, while γ ray irradiation cannot.


6, Being safe and reliable, no radiological hazard take place from the electron beam, and will not effect on the workers and environment.


7, The equipment of electron beam is easy to be assembled, and the operation and maintaining cost is comparatively lower.


The electron beam irradiation as a green high tech now is popular worldwide, and it is widely used in fruits, vegetables and meats etc production industry. And this tech will be developed continuously which may not only help for the food’s quality and pathogenic bacteria control, but also reduce the loss of the food’s nutritional ingredients and postpone the shelf life of the food.


If you accept this treatment on bacteria for herbal extract, or botanical ingredients, please inform KINGHERBS before placing your orders.