Four Hot Products For UV Protection


According to data released by Tmall in 2019, the turnover of 618 Tmall international oral beauty products increased by a staggering 2266% year-on-year. The oral beauty market is expected to reach 23.8 billion CNY in 2022. In recent years, the popularity of moisturizing and anti-aging beauty ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid has driven the further development of the oral beauty products market.


As the summer is coming, consumers' skin care needs are concentrated on whitening and sunscreen. In this field, what functional raw materials are expected to set off a wave of oral beauty foods this summer?


The principle of various oral ultraviolet protective products currently on the market is essentially antioxidant ingredients, such as lutein, lycopene and other antioxidants, which can "resist ultraviolet rays" and "reduce ultraviolet rays" to a certain extent.These antioxidants can endogenously repair and resist UV-induced DNA damage, protect the activity and structure of superoxide dismutase from free radical oxidative damage, so as to achieve the role of auxiliary protection of the skin.


Four hot raw materials for UV protection functional foods sold by Kingherbs

(1) Astaxanthin

Specification: 1%-5% Astaxanthin

Function: As one of the strongest antioxidants in nature, astaxanthin can scavenge free radicals that cause skin aging, protect cell membranes and mitochondrial membranes from oxidative damage, and prevent skin aging. At the same time, it helps to protect the skin from UV stimulation, and protect the skin from dryness caused by UV radiation, and keep the skin moisturized.


(2) Lutein

Specification: 5%-20% Lutein

Function:Lutein can reduce skin erythema, redness, and inflammation caused by cell damage caused by ultraviolet rays.


(3) Lycopene

Specification: 5%-10% Lycopene

Function:Lycopene also has a certain role in resisting the irritation caused by ultraviolet rays on the skin.


(3) Apple Extract-Polyphenols

Specification: 30%-70% Polyphenols

Function:Apple polyphenols have a certain effect on skin damage (erythema and other skin symptoms) caused by ultraviolet rays.