Company Profile

Kingherbs Limited specializes in the production of botanical / herbal extracts and trade of vitamins, minerals, chemicals and amino acids.

Began from 1996, the company have grown into one of the main manufacturers in China, supplying hundreds of botanical and herbal ingredients in liquid or powdered form, used in dietary supplements, food additives, sweeteners, natural colors, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, natural nutrients, pharmaceuticals, agriculture ( pesticide, fungicide, plant growth stimulant ), feed and animal health products.

Kingherbs offers excellent service to help our clients source different botanical materials throughout China, also chemicals, minerals, vitamins, and the premix and blend of such ingredients for clients’ special formula.

Given consideration to possible requirements of our clients, we can process the botanical extract in different forms, including vegetarian softgel, hard capsule, granule, pellet, tablet, sachet, tea bag, teacut, blend and formulation.

Kingherbs continue to grow and adapt to respond to your demands by developing new projects and providing better custom service. Kingherbs would like to cooperate with clients on developing their NOVEL ingredients/fomulas for their brand new projects under strict confidential agreements. We'll make every effort to build a reliable partnership of cooperation with you.

As one of the council members of Hunan Botanical Extract Association (HNBEA), certificated with ISO9001, KOSHER, HACCP, HALAL, Kingherbs always follows the current industry practices, produces and analyzes ingredients according to standards of USP, EP, BP and CP.

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