Milk Thistle Extract: A Superior Option for Long-Term Liver Health


There are many hepatitis patients in modern society, such as hepatitis C patients and hepatitis B patients, who have liver fibrosis and cirrhosis; some people drink alcohol for a long time, which damages the liver and develops alcoholic liver; fatty liver is even more common. How can we play a long-term role in liver protection? For this reason, I have consulted a lot of information, and finally selected Milk Thistle Extract as the best choice for long-term liver protection.

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Silymarin, also known as milk thistle, is native to the Mediterranean region. It has been used as a medicinal plant for nearly two thousand years and is still widely used as a very effective hepatoprotective plant. It can help the liver detoxify and can also be used to control chronic liver disease. Silymarin can activate the regeneration of liver protein, restore the activity of liver cells damaged by alcohol and viruses, and scavenge free radicals, maintain the permeability of liver cell membranes, and reduce the damage of toxins to the liver, protecting people who have been drinking alcohol for a long time and have acute and chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, and toxic liver damage.


Milk Thistle Extract, is a mixture whose main active ingredient is silymarin. Silymarin acts mainly as an antioxidant in the body, inhibiting the production of free radicals and inhibiting lipid peroxidation, thus protecting the liver. Silymarin is poorly water-soluble, so the method of extracting silymarin must be a lipophilic extraction method rather than a water-soluble extraction method. Therefore, even if the silymarin plant is immersed in water, it will not be very effective. Silymarin extracts are very well tolerated biologically. Silymarin extract has been used for many years in Europe as the main ingredient in liver detoxification and in the treatment of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis.



 Diastereoisomers of Silymarin: Chemical Structures

Protective effects of silymarin on the liver:

1Block out substances that are toxic to the liver

2Promote cell regeneration and prevent cirrhosis

3Metabolize fat and reduce the accumulation of liver fat

4Protect the liver from free radicals and promote liver cell regeneration.


For people who often stay up late to work overtime and drink frequently, it can play a good role in liver protection. At the same time, for people who already have fatty liver and cirrhosis problems, it can effectively avoid the emergence of liver fat accumulation, and play a certain auxiliary repair role.

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