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KINGHERBS takes natural ingredients out from the botanicals and further process, to assure the quality, KINGHERBS specially pays great attention to every production step.

1. KH pays great attention to the origin of botanicals, cultivation surroundings, drying, storing and processing methods of the raw botanicals.
2. KH takes out the ingredients according to their chemical and physical characteristics, adopts as tender and natural methods as possible. If physical methods are workable, KH would not choose chemical ones.
3. KH applies following production methods: 

A. Cold pressing for juice,oil and fat products;

B. Fine powdering for herbal powder products;

C. Water soaking and drying for water soluble ingredients, to avoid any other solvents and high temperature;

D. Water Extraction; E. Water Extraction & Ethanol Extraction;
F. Grain Alcohol Extraction;
G. Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fluid Extraction (OEM, 600 Liters);
H. Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fluid Extraction with Grain Alcohol;

I. Purification and Separation by Column Resin; 
J. Other organic solvents extraction if none of above is applicable;
4. Drying methods.


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